Micro Bulls Blood

Definitely an eye catcher with its brilliant red and green coloring, Micro Bull’s Blood has a definite beet flavor. Delicious on Salads, Sushi, & Sashimi.

Living Water Farms Micro Greens Bulls Blood

Micro Celery

Tangy, tart, & a slight grassy flavor, all rolled into one Micro Celery green! Wonderful when used fresh in salads or cooked in soups & with vegetables.

Living Water Farms Micro Greens Celery

Micro Cilantro

Commonly used in Asian, Mexican, & Southwestern cuisine, Micro Cilantro adds an intense zesty, citrus-like flavor to any of your dishes!

Micro Cress

Carrying the sharp flavors of pepper and mustard, Micro Cress is an abundant source of cancer fighting antioxidants!

Micro Spring Onion

With its bold flavor, Micro Onion is a great accent to chicken, tuna, or turkey salad, grilled vegetables, & as a garnish.

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